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Here at Bill’s Custom Engraving we take pride in the craftsmanship of our finished products. Bill’s love for airplanes and flying began when he started taking flying lessons in a T-34 Trainer at the base Aero Club in 1962. He is currently in the process of completely restoring his 1949 Ercoupe which is about 85% complete at this time.

New Caps!

Bill is now offering engraved Newton Caps! The price will be $28.00 each and $10.00 for S&H.

Newton Cap

On Sept. 1,2006 Bill retired from his 8 to 4:30 job. He will now have more time to devote to his home business, restoration of his two planes and more time with his family. He hopes to have the Ercoupe flying very soon. The Esther’s live at the Independence Airpark, which is home to the “Noon Patrol.”


Bill understands the hard work and love that people pour into their homebuilts and restorations, especially when they begin their labor of love from the ground up. Every detail, right down to the engraving on the gas caps, data plates and fuel selector plates is a reflection of each pilots own style and preference. It is always his goal to be sure that his customers are well pleased with his work.